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arr. Jonathan Prestley '77
opb. The Ponter Sisters
solos: Jesse Wang '17, Dane Underwood '17, Jordan Lee '17, Jacob Prince '18, Jason Morris '17, Kristoffer Acuña '17, Stephan Sveshnikov '18, Benson May '17, Kwasi Enin '18


Way down upon the Swannee River

They had a special kind of song
to help them push the work along
they hummed it to the rhythm of the old heave ho
and don't ya know there's somethin' happn'in
when they're singin' to the snappin'
of the Chattanooga shoeshine boy.

They never got far past the rhythm—
they brought it with 'em.

There was the birth of the blues!

Charleston, Charleston
Just think what the world was then
Jazzy, snazzy, they were...

Singin' to the swinger in a big bop band.

I dream of Jeannie with the light brown hair

And there's no place like home.

I mean I been wandrin' high and low
to find a good old record,
a good old record I can dig to hear
But it seems these days, they just don't make 'em!

Some folk break 'em just to spite me.

Oo! They've taken my memory lane
and made it a six lane freeway tellin' me

Baby there's two ways to fly!
Well, I know when I'm beat,
so I'll get back on my feet.
I'm goin' where I'm better known!

I need those...
Old Songs! Old Songs!

I hop from bar to bar
I wander near and far for

Old Songs! Solid gold songs!

They take me back aways
Back to my younger days with those old songs

You and I are older now and very far apart
Still it's true the thought of you
does strange things to my heart

All the songs 're made today
They've got the newer loves in mind
But baby as long as I can still hear
those old songs of yesteryear
I'll get along just fine
I wanna hear those

Old songs! Old songs!

I mean a melody
That wakes a memory of those old songs.

Now brother you ain't gonna tell me you like new songs
better than tried and true songs
I know that I never no never had one of them yet put a smile on my face
I know that I never no never had one of 'em yet that could give me a case of those low down and dirties

When the blue of the night
Meets the gold of the day

Now they're the songs that say the things that I wanna say
They mean a—
ooh! they really got to me when I was younger

'Cuz honey
You and I, you know we're gettin' older ev'ry day
We're so far away
that without you each day
just a-thinking and a-dreaming 'bout you this way
does strange things to my heart

All the songs 're made today,
they've gotta the newer loves in mind
But baby as long as I can still hear those old songs of yesteryear,
I'm just fine

I wanna hear those

Old Songs
Old Songs!
They take me back away! / Now all the songs I wanna hear are happy songs
Into my younger days and! / I can't get along without you and...

O-wo-wo-wold songs
Solid go-wo-wo-wold songs
I mean a melody

Yes indeed!

Nothin' means as much to me
Do wah!


from Now and For All Time, released October 27, 2015
Album Musical Director: Douglas Streat '16
Album Producer: Aaron Effron '15
Album Art: Max Pommier '14

Tracking: Noah Berg of Liquid 5th Productions and Douglas Streat '16
Editing: Ben Lieberman and Josh Heilbronner of Liquid 5th Productions
Mixing: by Carl Taylor of Liquid 5th Productions
Mastering: Eric Scholz



all rights reserved


The Society of Orpheus and Bacchus New Haven, Connecticut

Founded in 1938, the Society of Orpheus and Bacchus is the second longest-running a cappella group in the United States, after the Yale Whiffenpoofs. Initially, the group went without a name until they capitalized on a backhanded compliment received at a party—“These SOBs are good!”— invoking the talents of Orpheus, minstrel to Olympus, and the legacy of Bacchus, god of revelry, to form the SOBs. ... more

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