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arr. Irv Walradt '41
Sigma Chi Chapter Traditional, "Alpha Alpha Serenade"
Alumni Song & Traditional Closing
speech: Maas


If you want to see a girl that's pretty,
pretty as the stars that shine,
then come with me some evenin',
and I'll show that old girl of mine.

She sleeps on a bed of roses,
dreamin' of the days gone by,
when she and I were sweethearts,
underneath the starlit sky.

Aloha ladies, gentlemen, non-terrestrial lifeforms, and 400-pound pigs named Oink,

For the greater part of the foregoing fortnight, you’ve had your appetence for aural amusement requited by the irrefragably illustrious intoning and vociferant vagary of the SOBs, the Society of Orpheus and Bacchus, livestreaming to you directly from that hotbed of diversity, Yale University, where particular pagans palaver.

If you’ve felt insulted, affronted, set off, infected, indicted, culturally educated, offended or otherwise alienated by our insulse inanities, we earnestly, indifferently apologize. But for those of you who’ve enjoyed the program, run straight home, tear the top off your radio, and air mail it to The Society of Orpheus and Bacchus care of Manuscript Arts and Letters Society, and we’ll send you two life-size glow-in-the-dark statues of orpheus and bacchus. The darker it gets, the brighter they glow. Until then, May the Gods Be With You.

When she and I were sweethearts (sweethearts),
underneath the starlit sky! (We were underneath the sky!)


from Now and For All Time, released October 27, 2015
Album Musical Director: Douglas Streat '16
Album Producer: Aaron Effron '15
Album Art: Max Pommier '14

Tracking: Noah Berg of Liquid 5th Productions and Douglas Streat '16
Editing: Ben Lieberman and Josh Heilbronner of Liquid 5th Productions
Mixing: by Carl Taylor of Liquid 5th Productions
Mastering: Eric Scholz



all rights reserved


The Society of Orpheus and Bacchus New Haven, Connecticut

Founded in 1938, the Society of Orpheus and Bacchus is the second longest-running a cappella group in the United States, after the Yale Whiffenpoofs. Initially, the group went without a name until they capitalized on a backhanded compliment received at a party—“These SOBs are good!”— invoking the talents of Orpheus, minstrel to Olympus, and the legacy of Bacchus, god of revelry, to form the SOBs. ... more

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